Running Helps You Quit Smoking!
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Running Helps You Quit Smoking!

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Do you really want to quit smoking? I mean, are you sure you want to stop smoking cigarettes? Well, it’s not pretty hard for me to believe that people want to get rid of their smoking habit.

Each smoker I have ever met in my entire life (I’m 29, by the way. And, I don’t smoke) knows pretty well about these:

Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health!

Smoking Kills!

Cigarettes cause Strokes and Heart Disease.

In fact, these are some warnings that you see almost everywhere today. Even a pack of cigarette that you buy from a nearby general store or a supermarket has Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health printed on it.

Quit Smoking – It Is A Slow Poison

No smoking

You still don’t understand it is killing you from the inside. When you smoke a cigarette, it acts like a slow poison inside your body. It might also disturb your sleep if you smoke at night.

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Tobacco Kills!

Tobacco Causes Cancer!

You might have also read these warnings or certainly have seen that Mukesh Harare’s advertisement in the Cinema Halls. I’m sure you about that!

Moving back onto the point – running can help you with your ‘quite cigarette smoking’ goal for real.

A recent report from UCB says that approx. 50% of the people who participated in a 10-week program that involved running were able to actually quit smoking.

People Want To Quit Smoking

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Today, if you Google Quit Smoking, you will see multiple questions asked by smoker individuals. Some of them are listed below:

  • How can we stop smoking?
  • Do your lungs get better after quitting smoking?
  • How do you give up smoking?
  • How do I quit smoking cigarette immediately?
  • What is the most efficient way to quit smoking?
  • How can we stop smoking cigarettes?

The most genuine reply to all of these questions is if you want to quit smoking for real, nothing but you can help yourself. Give priority to your health.

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In 2016, over 170 smoker individuals registered themselves for a program called ‘Run to Quit’ in Canada. Out of those, 76 individuals stuck it out until the final week.

36 participants had claimed to have quit smoking, which was verified by carbon monoxide test. A follow-up interview was also conducted six months later.

The program included multiple sessions along with strategies to quit smoking, running instructions, everyday walking or outdoor running up to 5km and over-the-phone counseling through the National Quit Smoking Line.

As high as 91% out of the participants who completed the programs reported reduced smoking frequency.

Run to Quit program is a collaboration between the Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room, which is funded by the Public health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

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